Outdoor Kitchen Construction: A Step-By-Step Process

(Pub date: Apr, 2021)

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is one of the latest, most popular trends in both new construction and remodeling, but some shy away from the project because they believe it’s an inevitably expensive, arduous project. Don’t be intimidated at the idea! The pros at Parrish & Company have developed a step-by-step process that makes outdoor kitchen construction simple, while also offering a range in pricing on materials. Here’s how we do it:

1) Create a custom CAD layout, which provides homeowners a visual concept of final design. CAD layouts include illustrations of products desired, as well as specifications for construction.
2) Weld a non-combustible 1” aluminum frame, according to specifications.
3) Create a Masonite board wrap, with material cut-outs according to specifications.
4) Allow builder’s or homeowner’s mason to create and apply finished siding materials that match or complement home.
5) Install grill and other accessories, such as sinks, refrigerators, and burners.

Call the team at Parrish for more information, and get started on your new outdoor kitchen before summer.

Finding the Perfect Fireplace Solution

(Pub date: Mar, 2021)

Homeowners frequently ask us at Parrish & Company how to find the perfect fireplace for their home. That’s no surprise, considering that consumers rank fireplaces as the #1 home amenity year after year. Fortunately, with help from our experts, most everyone discovers the ideal fireplace to fit their application, style, and budget.

Here’s a preview of all your options:

View available fireplace models at www.fireplaces.com, then contact your closest showroom to see various options in use.

Introducing New Treats For Your Home

(Pub date: Oct, 2020)

There’s nothing tricky about these new treats for your home. Just a beautiful new cabinetry color, a top-notch pellet grill, and a fireplace app that lets you control your fire from anywhere so a cozy environment greets you when you walk in the door. Check out what’s new at Parrish & Company:

Woodmont Cabinetry in Adriatic Sea – Woodmont, a Texas-based manufacturer that dates back to 1953, recently introduced a paint finish that brings to mind the calming but bold blue waters of the ocean – Adriatic Sea. Recognized by the fashion industry as a neutral for decades now, mid- and dark-tone blues are now considered neutrals for kitchens too. The color complements both gold and silver hardware, and pairs perfectly with white or black appliances and countertops.

28- and 36-inch Pellet Grills by Coyote – Available in built-in and cart models, the electric-powered stainless grill’s amenities include a digital touch screen, front-loading pellet hopper, built-in timer and wind guard, spring-assist hood, multiple cooking surfaces, interior lighting, three LED-lighted temperature probes, laser-cut grates, and a temperature range of 175-650 degrees Fahrenheit. The grills also can be used as components of Coyote’s 6- and 8-foot outdoor kitchens.

The IntelliFire app by Heat&Glo – The IntelliFire app is now available for many of Heat&Glo’s most popular fireplaces, including the Phoenix, True, Mezzo, Cosmo, See-Through, Pier, and Corner models. Control your fire’s temperature, flame height, lights, and fan speed from anywhere, and set your burn time for an automatic shut-off. IntelliFire is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so hands-free convenience can create warmth, comfort, and ambiance. Also available with select fireplace inserts.

A Finishing Touch to Your Homes’ Exteriors

(Pub date: July, 2020)

Add a little something extra to your homes’ exteriors with one of Clopay Garage Doors’ latest selections.

Clopay, available at Parrish & Company, offers a wide selection of garage doors whose styles range from contemporary to traditional, all built with high-quality, durable materials. Each style has insulation options that can positively impact your homes’ energy-efficiency and improve buyers’ personal comfort levels.

More than any other feature, the choice of garage door style should be based on your clients’ personal preference and home style. While some architectural styles tend to pair well with a specific garage door – like modern architecture with full-view doors, or craftsman bungalows with carriage house-style doors – the choice is ultimately unlimited.

Garage doors also can be used as indoor-outdoor architectural features, as seen in this home (above) located in Bulverde, Texas. The builder used a glass garage door to create dramatic access between the home’s indoor bar and the exterior covered patio, while taking advantage of the natural light it adds to the cocktail prep area.

Custom Designed Outdoor Kitchens

(Pub date: May, 2020)

Outdoor kitchens have become a mandatory component of domestic bliss, and fortunately for those of us who live in Texas, it’s an amenity that homeowners can enjoy year-round. If you want to add true value to your latest projects and enhance the appeal to potential buyers, call the pros at Parrish for start-to-finish assistance with outdoor kitchens.

We provide 3D renderings during the design stage so that you and your clients can see exactly how their new outdoor kitchen will appear before materials are purchased and installation takes place. Our team has the experience to custom design for any style or size home, and our range of materials includes appliances, ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchens, even fireplaces, which can further add bling to your homes’ exteriors. Our installation experts are prompt and professional, and helping you complete your project on time and on budget is a priority.

Green Sets The Mood Throughout Your Home

(Pub date: March, 2020)

If you haven't "gone green" yet, be prepared to fall in love with this head-turning hue after you see how it can affect the mood of a room. The color green is connected with a sense of freshness, vitality, ecology, and nature. There are more shades of green than any other color, and the range offers flexibility in terms of interior design.

Emerald green cabinetry provides a fresh, dramatic contrast to white walls, floors, and GE Café appliances in this kitchen. Green has been shown to increase efficiency, so it’s a great color choice for busy home chefs.

Light green walls in this children’s bedroom add a playful tone to the design. Complemented by darker green countertops and contrasted by stark white trim, this room shines even brighter with Milgard casement windows.

Sage green walls and birch Quality Cabinets provide rich elegance with a traditional approach to style in this bar area. The muted green shade acts as the neutral backdrop in the room, and creates a calming, warm effect.

Home Products We Love

(Pub date: February, 2020)

As your local source for the latest and greatest home products, Parrish & Company team members often are asked to name their favorites among our vast inventory. While we proudly stand behind every line we sell, we admit there are some high-quality, stylish, innovative products we’re in love with right now.

• The fact that beautifully crafted Woodmont Cabinetry is made in Texas is a huge plus for us. Woodmont also is committed to sourcing wood from sustainable forestry programs, and recycles everything from wood waste to solvents to office paper. This environmental integrity inspires us!

• The designer-curated hardware on GE Café appliances allow homeowners to ramp up their personal style in the kitchen. These bronze, copper, black, and stainless hardware options perfectly complement the brand’s matte black, matte white, and stainless steel finishes.

• Both gorgeous and unique, the new Canyon Ridge limited edition louver-style garage doors by Clopay seriously perk up a home’s exterior. Constructed of an energy-efficient steel base and faux wood cladding and overlays, they also include the convenience of an upward operation.

• The new Frigidaire Gallery Series range features an air fry cooking option – perfect for health-conscious families. You can now cook all your favorites, from French fries to chicken wings to veggies, with little or no oil and without the limitations of basket-sized servings.

Heat&Glo outdoor fireplaces are high on our list of favorites because of the comfort and ambiance they create. As with interior models in the den, fireplaces provide a stunning focal point on the deck or patio that friends and family can enjoy throughout much of the year.

• Maximize your storage flexibility with the GE Profile 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator. The additional drawer has adjustable temperature control and a removable bin caddy. And as big bonuses, the refrigerator has built-in WiFi and a hands-free filtered water dispenser.